Ryan Morgan


Ryan Morgan is a registered psychologist with post graduate training in psychology, child and adolescent mental illness, neurotherapy, and nutritional medicine for mental health.


With over 10 years in the field of psychological treatment and organisational consulting, he brings a breadth of experience having worked across various corporate and clinical settings. Ryan values the importance of being mentally healthy, being able to live out ones purpose in life in order to live a fulfilling life and working as a psychologist gives him the opportunity and privilege to walk alongside the person to achieve these goals.


Like other forms of biofeedback, NFT uses monitoring devices to provide moment-to-moment information to an individual on the state of their physiological functioning.  The characteristic that distinguishes NFT from other biofeedback is a focus on the central nervous system and the brain.  Neurofeedback training (NFT) has its foundations in basic and applied neuroscience as well as data-based clinical practice.  It takes into account behavioral, cognitive, and subjective aspects as well as brain activity.


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